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Red Hills Veterinary Hospital offers unique cat boarding. We offer spacious indoor cat-only suites as…

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Cat Boarding

Seeing under the skin–that’s what’s possible with ultrasound technology. Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool…

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Diagnostic Ultrasound

Surgical lasers offer many advantages over traditional surgical scalpels. At Red Hills Veterinary Hospital, we…

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Surgical Laser

Consider it the “non-cutting” edge of veterinary science! Laser therapy is an innovative technology used…

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Laser Therapy

The proactive approach to canine veterinary care. At Red Hills Vet, we believe that prevention…

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Preventative Care

Red Hills Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer: Modified Maquet Procedure (TTA/MMP) - TTA/MMP is similar…

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Orthopedic Services

Your pet’s world revolves around its mouth. Regular dental care is essential for keeping your…

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Dental Care

You are what you eat. Preventative care starts with food. A nutrition-rich diet is your…

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