A new Red Hills Veterinary is on the way!

Red Hills Veterinary Hospital is growing, and we’re excited to announce that we’re moving to a brand-new hospital!

Not right away—but by May of next year, we hope to be in our new location at 4340 Butler-Spaeth Road. We’re excited about this space because it will feature additional exam rooms so we can see more patients, as well as boarding, grooming and doggie day-care facilities. It will also have a state-of-the-art indoor equine facility with plenty of convenient parking. What will remain the same is the awesome doctors, staff and service you and your pets love at RHVH.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress!

Meet Drew!

Client Care Specialist Drew Barnard just recently joined us from Santa Cruz, California with the idea of building his own “tiny home” from the rivets out. But that’s not his only project: he also plans to eventually buy a vintage school bus and remodel it to create a fully mobile adventure home!

When he’s not helping patients and their families at the hospital, Drew is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, rock climbing and snowboarding. If it involves some adventure and the outdoors, Drew is in! He looks forward to getting to know you and your pets in his position at Red Hills.

Protect your babies from rabies!

So chances are you don’t think about rabies much. Since Wyoming and most other states require that all dogs and cats be vaccinated by law, the only place most of us come face-to-face with it is in that vintage tearjerker Ol’ Yeller. [SPOILER ALERT!]

September 28th is World Rabies Day, created to inform people about the fact that rabies remains a threat. It is 100% fatal if not treated, making it one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. It’s also 100% preventable.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your pets is to keep their vaccinations current. Another thing you can do? Spay and neuter your pet as intact pets are more likely to wander. Finally, when you walk your dog, don’t let him or her approach wildlife.

Got a cat that lives indoors? Even though felines can make a trip to the vet feel downright cat-astrophic, they are required to be vaccinated. Should your kitty escape outside or if a rabid animal makes its way into your home, you’ll be glad you put up with the drama.

If you suspect your pet was bitten by or exposed to a rabid animal or need to get your pet vaccinated, don’t wait! Call us at (307) 213-1398.