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Red Hills Veterinary Hospital is accessible for basic equine needs including wellness exams with vaccinations & deworming. Visit us in Gillette WY.

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    Deworming Schedule

    The true goal of parasite control in horses is to limit parasite infections so animals remain healthy and clinical illness does not develop. Red Hills Veterinary Hospital Recommends the Following…

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    Vaccine Guidlines

    American Association of Equine Practitioners¬† – Core Vaccination Guidelines: The core equine vaccines include tetanus, eastern and western equine encephalomyelitis (EEE/WEE), West Nile virus and Rabies. Adult horses:…

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    What Does It Mean to Float Teeth?

    Horses have different dental care requirements than dogs and cats. Like dogs and cats though, the health of the teeth affect the health, function and behavior of the entire animal.…