Vaccine Guidelines


Pre-breeding ( 2-4 weeks prior)

  • Ultrabac (Clostridial Disease) CattleMaster 4 or Bovi-Shield FP (Respiratory Diseases-IBR, BVD, BRSV, PI3) VL5 (Reproductive Diseases)
  • Dectomax/Ivomec Injectable or pour-on (Parasite Control)

Replacement Heifers

Pre-breeding (2 & 4 weeks prior, 2 doses)

  • Ultrabac 8 CattleMaster 4 or Bovi-Shield Gold FP VL5
  • Dectomax/Ivomec/cydectin


Branding (2-4 months of age):

  • Ultrabac-7 or One Shot Ultra, Inforce3 Haemophilus Pasteurella


  • Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot (shipping fever) with Ultrabac-7/Somubac (Clostridial diseases).


  • Ultrabac booster and Bovi Shield Gold 5 or Resvac 4/Somubac booster or Inforce3
  • Bangs (Brucellosis) vaccine done between 4-12 months of age for heifers

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