Kassi was born in Gillette, WY but raised in South Dakota. She grew up on a ranch in the Black Hills where they raised bucking horses and cattle. Rodeo was also a large part of her life, so her love of animals started at a young age. Kassi started her college career at Black Hill State University, where she majored in Mass Communications. She then took time off of school to join the Military. After serving, she continued her educational journey to Wyoming where she studied Graphic Design and Photography. Aside from art, Kassi has always enjoyed playing guitar and writing music. Her musical passion led her to Nashville, TN where she spent time working as a makeup artist, songwriting, and playing music.

In her spare time, you will still find her playing music, riding horses, and spending time with friends and family. She has one fur baby named Woodrow, whom she loves cuddling with when he allows. Kassi is currently a veterinary technician who always has a smile on her face and can be heard singing throughout the halls. She enjoys that fact that each day brings new challenges and the opportunity to work with animals of all sizes. Kassi’s favorite part about her job is: working as a team, educating clients, and caring for the animals they love.