A Wyoming native, Tausha was born and raised in Wyoming. Throughout her life, she has had a passion for animals and is often found picking up lost animals and bringing them home. Tausha is also an avid artist and can often be found working with her oils, watercolor, and charcoal. It’s no surprise that many of her subjects are four-legged and furry. Some of her art has been displayed around the state and received numerous awards and achievements. Tausha is happy to call Gillette home and lives with her fur babies Rudy, Winston, and Syah. Together they enjoy traveling, camping, and indulging in all things related to art and music.

Tausha is currently a tech/veterinary technician, she has a heart that shines with love for each and every animal that walks through the door. She’s always ready to lend a hand and welcomes everyone with a smile.